Flip the Gun - Simulator Game App Reviews

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Just sad

This game is fun, but it needs many more things you can do, shooting a gun to get higher is boring after a while.... make it have more things to do inside the app

So much dang ads

Enough said

Can’t get on

Really fun game but doesn’t let me access it, often exits me from it

Crashes too much.

This game already crashed twice for me.

Total scam

I tried the premium membership and when I tried to cancel, it still charged me regularly.

Nice game!

Good game! Very addicting!!

This is a great game

This game is so much fun

If only

If only they would let you play the game without so many video ads. Seems like I’m playing 10% of the time and 90% watching stupid ads


I do like this game but I think in order to enjoy the game more there needs to be more coins to be able to obtain more of the guns.

Great app

Great app

To much ads

After every game theirs ads.


They pop up while you’re playing and don’t pause the game

Three star

Three star because the guns are so expensive and it so addictive

Advertising revenue grab!

Constant adds can’t get into the game without constant misdirection to buy something or watch a commercial between plays much like a heavy handed YouTube video littered with adds ...but I’m sure it would be fun otherwise

Love it

Eggy the game it is amazing

Didn’t work

I am 11 and I download the game expecting to play a good time waster game but to my dismay it showed the company’s name then went back to the home screen , I did it about 100 times then I gave up

Gun game

I like the game but I spend more time watching adds than playing the game


in my own opinion, too many ads. but overall a good game.

If I could give it lower than a 1 star I would

I initially downloaded the game for less than 5 minuets and deleted it because I was bombarded with ads. After I downloaded it again think it was a glitch or something. Only 10 minuets into the game and I had watch over 10 ads. Plus the micro transactions are atrocious which made me realize that this game is just a money grab and is absolutely garbage.

Game won’t even start

Every time i go to play the game it just crashes, doesn’t even get to the title screen !


Ok this is kinda ridicules 5min in the game and I got 24 ads...Y!!! This is a great game overall though but plz LOWER THE ADS seriously please oh and lower the prices of the guns then you r good

the ads are too much

is a good game but the ads i played 1 game and it showed me like 2 or 3 ads

I wish i could rate 0 stars

The game itself is great but so little guns are free. I dont know if anyone else is struggling but i have INSANE lag playing the game. This game is ruined by greed. Playgendary is a horrible company.

Insensitive ad

Has ad where it is a crying emoji with a gun to its head saying it’s gonna kill its self

Take out the ads

I don’t like the ads

Needs let’s add

The game has an ad for you almost every death or when you click something not worth the storage

Fun but OVER RUN with adds

I downloaded this game expecting a simple, fun, addicting time waster. Unfortunately instead of wasting my time with gameplay, this game decided to waste my time with adds. After almost every single run I do I get an add, and if that’s not bad enough, you can even get adds while cycling between menus, like really?? The point of games like this is to get people addicted and allow them to get rewards progressively to keep them entertained. This game’s add system destroys that purpose. It’s fun, and could indeed be very addictive if I wasn’t interrupted after every round by an add that I can’t skip for 10-15 seconds.


There is to much adds to have fun whats the point all you do is watch adds

The best

This game gets me excited to play it is so fun

Ads ads ads

Every time I lose I have to watch like 4 ads omg I’m thinking about deleting it since it’s so annoying it’s like watching 20second show followed by 4 commercials!

Not worth it

This game is stupid way too many adds everything flashes and there isn’t even a warning for ppl with epilepsy about half of the guns cost money anyways and over $20 for an ak-47 it’s saying it’s not worth it if the company is that desperate make it worth it for ppl and their time at least actually try!

Don’t Bother

If you’re a dev reading this I hope you lose weight you 300 pound virgin.

Good bad ugly.

Fun game, the adds are absolutely ridiculous, you guys are starting to turn me off to gaming on my phone, and then $7.99 a week, that’s simply f’ed up thieving

It’s nothing but ads

Garbage game 30s of gameplay followed up by two ads that didn’t even really work. Terrible.

Don’t waste your time

I’ve never seen a game that has so many long ads. Literally between every round there is a 20+ second ad. They also overprice EVERYTHING. I can’t think of a game that has ever deserved a 1-Star rating as badly as this game.

Way too many ads.

Every single time you lose an ad for another game plays. Also, some of the different guns cost an absolutely ridiculous amount of money (one gun was $19.99, another was $5.99) for a seemingly unworthy app to spend money on. Save yourself some time and look for another game.

No thanks.

I started up the app and the first 30 seconds of the 40 seconds I had it was all ads. I came to play some stupid addictive game not make you ad revenue.

Hate it

It would be a good game but the glitch is outrageous and there is an ad every time you die.

A shameful amount of ads

Fun gameplay, I think? I can tell through all the ads. If you want to buy the ad free option it’s probably worth it, but I refuse to reward bad behavior.


Super awesome game way too many ADs

Shut up

So no ones gonna say anything about the adds every 2.4 seconds, this game is not worth even downloading unless you like 60,000,000 adds popping up while the game tells you how to play it every single time.

Littered with ads

Looks fun till you’re bombarded with ads

Littered with ads

There is something with this company and their over usage of ads

So he game is really laggy when I play but this game is still awesome the only problem is the lag

Hello the game that I have been playing called Flip the gun is a really awesome game but there is one problem the lag. It’s really hard to play with the lag spikes it would be really nice for it to be fixed but I love the game


The game has too many ads...I find that annoying!

Simple but MAJOR issue.

This is a cool game. I think it WOULD be really fun, if it weren’t for the fact that every single game you are bombarded with tutorials even though you’ve seen them 1,000 times before. Please just add an option to turn off tutorials, and the game will be great.

I hate this game

So boring rather play Fortnite so download if u want to die


The gam is completely legit

Won’t Work, But Fun

First time I installed Flip the Gun it worked fine. After a few days of not playing it it has completely stopped working. Would I recommend? Yes.

Cool so cool


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