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Sexual Discomfort

I saw an add for this game about my mother and my father, in it the father was depicted as being worse than the mother. I was simply flustered at this. So I decided to give it a try. Shortly after I could not perform in bed. I was distraught, my partner and I usually go at least 3 times a day, this left them sad, and emotionally and physically unsatisfied. I immediately contacted my physician who told me I had a penile defectiveness syndrome. Shortly after I was taken out of the will, i got evicted, my girlfriend left me, and now I’m homeless and jacking off what little I can just to get by. All of this could be avoided if I didn’t get this blasted game. Please save yourselfs

Love it





This game is nice but a bit boring. Like if you have no internet connection and you want to do something this game is the best choice. Please add more guns and add new game mods

Absolutely fantastic!

I love this game so much, and I highly recommend it for people who love timing in games!!

Charge for Game

I am not happy that is only free for 3 days & after that you charge per week $7.00 .. I do not mind paying $7.00 once, but not every week I do not mind spending money on apps & I have spent lot of money over the years .. but this is ridiculous.. it is not that great of a app..What a joke..You need to state that before anyone down loads the app.. Totally UnCool..I wouldn’t of downloaded the app if I knew in 3 days there is a charge.. I hope since I deleted this app.. that I will not be charged😕😕😕

Same as Bowmasters

It’s p2w you gotta pay to get the good guns that make this game easier, just like bowmasters, anyone who pays this game or these creators in general have probably just realized this was highway robbery!


Hol Horse simulator is best simulator

So many Ads!!!

I just play this game for fun and I get 5 ads every 2 minutes I’m deleting the app it’s fun but the amount of ads ruin it

Best game ever

So much fun


Ads are to long. You play for a few seconds then have to watch a 30 second ad and then when you claim the bonus you watch another. Not worth paying for ad free rather just delete and search for a better game.


Fun to try to beat your high scores. This game never gets old. There are multiple guns to try and get. Plus there are challenges for the guns you own, and there is a score board to look at high scores. You can see the gun they used and try new guns. Some guns are bolt action, some are semi-auto, and some are automatic. Ps. The musket is the best weapon. Last there are daily rewards. Bye the game and have fun.

Pretty cool

My friend told me to get this so I did it was so cool so I rated it five the only thing that only made me almost rate four is that you should make more guns aNd that you should have an avatar to upgrade and houses an back rounds you’re game is still really cool though

There’s Too Many Ads

You Guys Are Crazy For Ad Cents! Every Time I Lose Theres A 30 Ad And It’s Annoying Please Make Less Ads.

Ads problem

Right when you turn on the game it shows an ad and I can’t even exit out of the ad. Once the ad was done I tried to press (X) but it wouldn’t let me I tried it 3 times this problem made me give you a 2 STAR rating Thanks for reading

Too much ads

Two ads every time you lose.


The title should be Flip The Ads. Granted you don’t have to wait the full 30 seconds to close it but after every attempt is an ad. After you check the leaderboards, another ad. Game is addicting but way too many


Good game. Too many ads. I deleted it and will not be reinstalling

The game kicks me out

The title says it all. Otherwise a great game and a good app!

Far too many ads

I have to wait 10-30 seconds between each round of gameplay. I can’t enjoy the game bc every time I lose, I know how long I have to wait to play again. In five minutes I only played three rounds, and each round was only a few seconds long. September 2018, uninstalling



I love this game

I love this game but I wish the AWP, I could by with coins it would make this game so much better. Hope that u can do that plz. Thank you

Money grab

I don’t mind this game it’s fun, but when you give me an 30 sec ad after every other touch I make on the screen it seriously burns my fuse. Charging 20$ for a digital gun makes this game seem like it’s begging for your money and the constant 30 sec ads. I get that you need ads to make revenue but couldn’t you just sneak them on the bottom like iFunny does instead of making me watch a video every time I try to pull a trigger?


Every single time you perform a simple action you have to watch and advertisement. I went to the settings menu and went back and had to watch an advertisement. I’m deleting this game off my fun, it’s fun but not worth the 30 second ads every 30 seconds.

Love the game but...

To much adds I die and a add all the time

All I get is ADS!

Every time I finish a match I get an ad

Fun but

The amount of money it is for guns is robbery. Like DLC shouldn’t exists on this game

Awesome Game

I love this game and play it a lot when I’m bored. I like the huge selection of guns but one thing is I bought the Colt (back when you could still buy it with coins) and then when it became an item where you had to send the game link to friends I lost the item, and since i already sent the link to five friends for the P90, it won’t let me send the link to get back my Colt. This game is pretty good though, and I totally recommend downloading it

Too many ads

Too many ads

1 star

This game would be fun if there wasn’t a ad every 2 seconds that are 20-30 seconds long and you can’t skip them

Ads, Ads, And More Ads.

Do you like ads? Do you like how you have to go through an ad every time you exit settings? You do? Well lucky for you, this is the game for you, screw this, I like this game, but the only way you could play it were if you were offline so you don’t get ads.

Holy ******* ads

Real fun game BUT there are SO many ads and guns are seriously like $20.... Banners nonstop and a pop up after every single game. I deleted it so fast. Who is even going to buy a $20 gun for this little mini game that doesn’t even have any great online features like many other games have? The potential WAS there.. But it was gone very quickly.. I don’t care what they do to this game in the future, this left such a bad taste in my mouth I will never download it again. Enjoy the 1 star review.


Very addictive

Too many ads

The game is fun but too many ads 😞

This is a really really fun game



I’m not going to play a game that lags at the beginning causing my death, which then triggers an ad, every single time.

Subscription and Microtransactions

This game prompts users to sign up for a $7.99 per week subscription upon first open. The gameplay is mildly addicting, but the attempt to sign users up for such a ridiculous subscription as well as the high frequency of ads left me no choice to but to uninstall the game.

Ads ads ads ads

The game is actually really fun but god d*mn you spend twice as much time watching ads as you do playing the game. Seriously the game lasts for about 30 seconds before you die then you have to watch a 30 second ad and after that ad another 30 second ad.

Greedy developers

The game is fun, has good graphics, and keeps you entertained. There’s just one thing. Get rid of the ads!!!!! You think people are gonna play this and then want to spend money because there’s no way to do anything otherwise. Well, it does the exact opposite. Half of the weapons in the game are about ten dollars each or more. Every time you finish, an ad pops up and then the X shows up about ten seconds later, which is infuriating. When I try to play with wifi on, the sounds are all muted for five seconds and it lags. It’s a great idea, but otherwise, forget it


If you downloaded this game your a republican

What is this now?

Now, I think 3 months ago when I played this game, it entertained me well. I had almost all the guns. Until I had my phone in the water for too long... Then 3 months later now, I have a phone again and installed this game again, and I was amazed of how you got some crazy guns, along with some random things that are not guns whatsoever.. But, then I see that some of the guns like the P-90, M16A2, and the MGL-MK1 are now in VIP I’m like what? And, the Glock, man... You just made it so weak I can’t pass some of the challenges for the gun... Now those are some of the reasons I put the 1 Star, But on top of all in the worst update.. This game is LOADED with like endless ads and they never stop coming, like every time I fail I get the same ads nonstop. Also every time I X out of the settings on the top left corner an ad pops up. Every time I get out of the leaderboards an ad pops up. Ads never stop popping up you need to chill out with that. Also... I heard you made this game for money since I reuploaded this game, I can also see that you made prices on the membership and the guns even higher! And $7.99 a week for playing with guns? Ridiculous... You’re getting way too insane for me now, I can’t stand it no longer.

It’s a fun game!

I’m addicted to this game.

Good game

This is good cause the guns are cheap and the game is addicting but I wish more guns would come out because I bought every gun and sense there is no more new guns I have 272,876 coins but overall this game is good

Your on the right track

You need to lower the amount of micro transactions.youve made good game

The Best Hyper Casual Game in App Store.

This game is great. It’s simple yet addictive mechanics are so fun and make we want to come back over and over. The menu is simple unlike other games which makes it easy to navigate and no intimidating at all. The variety of guns is giant but all of them are unique in different ways. And most of them can be unlocked through just playing the game. My only complaint is the absolute overload of ads but this can be resolved by paying the $4 it costs to remove ads or turning off cellular data. I keep finding myself coming back to this game as it’s fun and it looks good. Some games on the App Store look like they were made in 2 weeks, but this one looks like there was a lot of effort put into it. With guns getting added every so often (and I mean OFTEN) and it’s repetitive yet fun game style; this game never gets old. 5 Stars.


Fix the colt I did 10 invites but you only need5 and I don’t the colt


Game after game a ad pops up but you can remove ads from the game.

Big bugs!

No back button on certain prompts. Forces you to leave & restart the app.


I haven’t had this downloaded in almost 4 months BUT I’ve been paying $7.99 weekly, WHY? I was never told that I was getting charged for a free app that I don’t have downloaded. They kinda forgot to mention that in the game. I never authorized that subscription.


To bad of a game to have as many ads as it does

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